Institute of micro-finance and cooperative development.

Community Based Economic Development (CBED) Project, Jumla

Community Based Economic Development (CBED) Project, Jumla was implemented by CSD in partnership with CECI/CBED from April 1, 1996. The program, as a succession program of CSDP Jumla, had formed a total number of 22 CBOs and out of which, 5 were registered cooperatives which mobilized a total amount of Rs. 982,043 as members savings. Similarly, 19 improved Ghattas, 433 improved cooking stoves (ICSs), 5 micro hydro plants were also installed during the period. With regard to capacity building, 88 Non Formal Education (NFE) that benefitted 1,673 community women and 158 skill development training with 798 participants were also conducted. The project was successful to integrate various development components-commodity production, rural finance, natural resource management, gender development and decentralization. A total of 19 Savings and Credit Cooperatives were registered. Out of 33 Forest User Groups (FUGs) formed, 16 were registered with District Forest Offices (DFO). Two district level organizations as Jumla Agricultural Producers Enterprise Cooperative (JAPEC) (Farmers’ Cooperative) & one District Cooperative Union (DCU) were registered. The project was terminated from April 2002 after closing its field offices in December 2001.