Institute of micro-finance and cooperative development.

Profile of 13. CYC

Chartare Yuva Club (CYC) is concerned with promoting public awareness and social development through community education process. It emphasizes the programs related to women empowerment, conducts micro finance programs for building capacity of marginalized women's groups as well as individuals. Poverty reduction is led by an active participatory approach in CYC Nepal with involvement in social and development activities like road, forest, religious and cultural ceremonies, irrigation, toilets, public land, health education, energy development, sports, communication etc.

Head Office Address: Baglung bazaar, Baglung, Nepal

Telephone: 068-521699/ 068-521670

Email: cycbgl@ntc.net.np

Key Contact Person: Mr. Chandi Prasad Sharma

Designation: Chairman

Telephone/Mobile: 985720146